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Power Carp® Ultra has all the great characteristics of regular Power Carp® but has been further developed with a unique distressed camouflage treatment that has no regular pattern making the line disappear under water in any conditions. Furthermore, Ultra has been treated to make it even softer and more supple, delivering even smoother casting performance. Power Carp® Ultra is probably the ultimate carp line.

12.0 5.5 0.31 ✔
14.0 6.5 0.33 ✔
16.0 7.2 0.36 ✔

✔ = Disponibile  |  ✗ = Non Disponibile

Developed from the success of the hugely respected Power Carp®, Ultra has a unique distressed camouflage colouring that has no regular pattern, making the line disappear even in clear waters. In addition, Ultra is further refined by Ultima’s unique softening process that makes it even softer than Power Carp®, giving extra distance on your casts, and a natural contour hugging nature that keeps it out of the way of cruising fish. Power Carp® Ultra has been engineered to a level previously unknown in monofilament fishing line and the resulting product is something we feel we can be justly proud of.

Colours: Distressed Camo Weed

Spool Sizes: 1000m

“The lowest visibility high strength carp line ever produced.”